Soon you’ll be gone again.

The world isn’t out to get you. You’re not important enough for the world to be out to get you.

Let’s get coffee and talk about big ideas and the things we will never accomplish.

We all want to fill ourselves with something. We all need to be addicted to something.

February used to keep me warm.

A kid can wish.

Now that Christmas is over I’m ready for spring again. I’m ready to see and feel life again.

You can only help someone to the degree they want to be helped. You can only help yourself to the degree you want to help yourself.

And every minute seems like an eternity. And every word a delay.

No happy birthday from you. Thanks so much.

So the student government is being compared to apartheid…cool bro.

I wanted to build


Connecting me 

To all of you. 

I tried to create


But engineering

Wasn’t my suit.

And now that 

I know my math 

Is fucking terrible,

I’ll throw bricks

One by one into a pile.

All at once


I’m sorry, it’s official. I was a fistful I didn’t keep it simple. Chip on my shoulder, anger in my veins. I had so much hatred now it brings me shame.

I’m so fucking done. No need to try.

I really don’t give a shit anymore. I am going to do whatever the fuck I want to do. Sorry.